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July 2015 Summer Tour

Our July tour is currently set, organised and ready to run (as at the end of June).  We are due to fly into Tokyo and then meet our guests before taking in the sights from Mt Osore in the north and then along the west coast of Japan.  Looking forward to the sumo in Nagoya and the warm weather.

Dates and Schedule

Tuesday 30 June Tokyo: Commencement of tours available from 30th June.

Wednesday 1 July Tokyo: Visit Akihabara to explore one of the centres of manga/anime culture. Store destinations include Gamers, Toranorana and Animate.  Lunch at a Maid Café (perhaps Popoure or one of the other themed cafes).

Thursday 2 July Tokyo: Visit Asukusa Kaminarimon (thunder gate), Hozomon and pagoda.  An array of stalls lines the entrance to this shrine.  Either lunch from the food stalls or from a nearby restaurant.  (Skytree is also nearby for those that want a panoramic view of the city.)

Friday 3 July Tokyo: A range of options are available such as a visit to Studio Ghibli or the Pokemon Centre.  A visit to Shibuya is always fun and a stop at Shibuya109 and Mandrake are recommended.  Perhaps some karaoke at BigEcho (or similar) as well?

Saturday 4 July Tokyo: A free day to further explore Tokyo. Alternatively it is an opportunity to take a day trip bus tour to Mt Fuji, Nikko or take the train to Nagano to see the Jigokudani monkey park.

Sunday 5 July Tokyo: A visit to Harajuku - not only a great shopping area but we may get to see local cosplay (as it is Sunday). For those wanting a dose of culture, visit the nearby Meiji Shrine.

Monday 6 July Tokyo: Visit the Fuji Q Highland theme park (this would be a full day).

Tuesday 7 July Tokyo to Aomori: Taking the Hayabusa shinkansen at speeds up to 320 km/h to Aomori (196 minutes travel, 718km).

Wednesday 8 July Aomori: For those keen on trains, take the under sea link to Hokkaido and back, or check out Mount Osorezan (one of the most sacred sites in Japan) or visit the extreme end of the island at Cape Oma.  In Aomori, there is an opportunity to see Wa Rasse, a recently opened museum celebrating the summer Nebuta festival, or the fish markets for fresh sashimi.

Thursday 9 July Aomori to Akita: From Aomori to Akita (162 minutes, 186km) is one of the most scenic train trips in Japan.

Friday 10 July Akita: A relaxation day allowing short trips to Lake Tazawa, a visit to the Senshu-koen park, or finding somewhere interesting to enjoy the local cuisine.

Saturday 11 July Akita to Niigata: Continue our journey along the western coast to Niigata (224 minutes, 273km)

Sunday 12 July Niigata: Visit Sado Island either by ferry or jetfoil.  The remoteness of the island made it ideal for exiles and retains a distinct "out of the way" atmosphere.  Niigata also has an old style market - Hon-cho.

Monday 13 July Niigata to Kanazawa: (Train travel time 221 minutes, 313 km)

Tuesday 14 July Kanazawa: The town of Kanazawa (''Little Kyoto'') is reknown for many things.  Visit the famous Kenrokuen Garden and Kanazawa castle.  Enjoy the local cuisine including fresh sushi and sashimi at the local fresh foods market.

Wednesday 15 July Kanazawa to Kyoto: (Train travel time 136 minutes, 224 km).

Thursday 16 July Kyoto: Shopping at the covered Nishiki Market, which includes a selection of local food stalls.  The Isetan and Takashimaya department stores are also excellent for shopping and both have vast food halls.  Other options include a visit to the "golden pavilion" Kinkaku-ji. During the evening visit Kodai-ji Temple in Kyoto.  The temple complex includes a Zen garden, bamboo forest and artisan souvenir shops. It is illuminated in the evenings and provides a view of the city.  Access to/from will be via taxi.

Friday 17 July Kyoto: An opportunity to attend the summer Sumo tournament in Nagoya (we have booked seats).

Saturday 18 July Nagoya: Day trip to the world heritage site at Nara.  At Nara there is both Todai-ji temple (with the world's largest bronze Buddha), and Kagusa Shinto shrine.  There are sacred deer roaming the park and excellent souvenir and food shops in the railway station area. 

Sunday 19 July Nagoya: Nagoya castle or the SCMaglev and Railway Park. A day trip to Hikone and Lake Biwa are also options.

Monday 20 July Nagoya to Tokyo: Return to Tokyo.

Tuesday 21 July Tokyo: A final day in Tokyo, end of tour.

Price Inclusions/exclusions

Pricing is takes into account the accommodation rates that we expect to be in place at the time of bookings.  The actual rates we are able to obtain are lower when booked in advance, and more expensive when booked shortly before the tour commences.

For bookings more than one month prior to the start of the tour:

For bookings within one month of the start of the tour:

Please contact us for details on tour prices that cover the days that you wish to travel.  The above tour costs are based on current accommodation pricing and may vary by location and at the time of booking.  Prices generally exclude meals and incidental costs unless specifically included.

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Bookings and Inquiries

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