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Sometimes people only need help in a specific area of Japan or for a short period of time.  This might include the initial navigation from the airport to a hotel, learning how to navigate the transport system, or getting between places efficiently in a short period of time.  In these cases our multi-day tours do not meet the needs of those just after a quick side trip or a journey somewhere specific.

If you are interested in having a guide assist you get the most from your day you can get in touch via our contact us page or email us at  This might include things as simple as an airport or cruise line transfer or a day shopping.  For more structured sightseeing we have several popular options listed below.

Day Tours - Availability

Please note: Due to commitments to our longer tours that take us out of Tokyo please contact us to determine availability.


Day Tours - Around Tokyo

Tokyo Highlights - Shinjuku area

Start with a visit to the Tokyo Metropolitan

building for a bird's eye view of the city from the 45th floor (200 meters up). From there, head to the west side of Shinjuku to the national gardens (58.3 hectares) including an impressive green house and a wide variety of greenery and garden styles.

From the gardens, head to the Golden Gai area of old style bars before seeing Godzilla towering above the Kabukicho area of Shinjuku. Nearby to Shinjuku is the Harajuku area including the Meiji Shrine. After visiting the shrine head to Harajuku and explore Takeshita Street which is a trend-setting shopping area for Tokyo youth. For contrast, next to Harajuku is the upmarket shopping district of Omotesando.  

Pricing: Including trains, taxis, entrance fees JPY17,500 per person (minimum two people).  Meals, snacks, drinks are excluded.

Tokyo Highlights - Asakusa area

Taking the subway head across town to the Ryogoku district. Visit the Edo Museum, the Sumo museum at the adjacent gymnasium before strolling through the Kyu Yasuda garden to the memorial for the victims of the 1923 Kanto earthquake and WW2 fire-bombing of Tokyo.

From Ryogoku take the water taxi, passing by Skytree to Asakusa. From the dock we walk past Sensoji temple and along Nakamese Street. Giant lanterns are an impressive part of the gates at this temple including Kaminarimon ("Thunder gate"), Hozomon and pagoda. An array of stalls lines Nakamise Street (the entrance to this shrine) providing a wide range of souvenirs and snacks on the approach to Sensoji Temple, the oldest temple in Tokyo.

From Asakusa, we have an option to visit the Ueno Park area that includes a good array of museums and Ueno Zoo. At weekends there may be other events taking place in the park that are worth stopping and watching.

Pricing: Including trains, taxis, entrance fees JPY17,500 per person (minimum two people).  Meals, snacks, drinks are excluded.

Day Trips - From Tokyo

Nikko in a day

Taking the bullet train north and then the local train to visit the famous shrines at Nikko including the lavishly decorated Toshugu shrine and Iemitsu mausoleum.  After lunch at a local restaurant and an opportunity to sample yuba (a local speciality) head to the scenic Lake Chuzenji and Kegon Falls.

Pricing: Including trains (three day Tokyo wide pass), local bus transport, shine entrance fees, Kegon falls elevator JPY29,500 per person (minimum two people).  Meals, snacks, drinks are excluded.

Hakone in a day

Taking the train to Odawara make a brief side trip to Odawara castle before visiting the local food hall to collect items for lunch (the range is pretty amazing). Head to Hakone-Yumoto, taking the bus to Lake Ashi (walk along the cedar avenue to the Hakone checkpoint), boat cruise (a pirate ship) across the lake to Togendai, ropeway and the Tozan cable car, Tozan train back to Hakone-Yumoto for the return trip to Tokyo. Hakone provides many places to view Mt Fuji (on a clear day) including from the lake and the ropeway. Around Gora there are some interesting attractions such as the Venetian Glass museum and the Open Air Art Museum. To make the most of the day we make an early start, and may have a late finish.

Pricing: Including trains and Hakone free pass JPY19,500 per person (minimum two people). Meals, snacks, drinks are excluded. As the museums are optional depending on guest choice, entrance fees are also excluded on this tour.

Kamakura and Enoshima in a day

Located to the south of Tokyo (but not as far as Hakone) is the township of Kamakura that includes a variety of important cultural sites including Hase Dera temple and the "big Buddha" at Kōtoku-in.

Nearby is the small island of Enoshima.  Enoshima has many beautiful views looking back onto the mainland, as well as across the cliffs and the Pacific Ocean. The island is also home to some beautiful scenic spots, many shines including one set in a sea cave, dating from 552.

Pricing: Including trains, local buses if required, shine entrance fees, JPY24,500 per person.  Meals, snacks, drinks are excluded.

Sendai/Matsushima in a day

Head north by Shinkansen to Sendai. Then take the local train to visit Matsushima Bay, one of the three "views of Japan" and the cruise around the bay with its many beautiful pine-tree covered islands. After viewing the pine covered islands, walk to Zuigan-ji past the caves carved into the approach to the temple. The caves were used for memorial services and as a cinerarium to house the ashes of the deceased. The caves were constructed some 700 years ago and remained in use until a few hundred years ago.

Pricing: Including shinkansen trains and ferry cruise JPY45,000 plus JPY29,500 per person.  Meals, snacks, drinks are excluded.

Bookings and Inquiries

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